You will also need to justify using this dataset. for example you


I need you to write the methodology part of my research. My research is about a comparison between two intrusion detection systems (Snort and Suricata) in detecting IoT botnet malwares (bashlite, mirai and tori)

Start the chapter with a motivation of research and then start discussing all research methodologies and discuss why the experimental methodology is suitable for this research. You have to write a clear explanation of the methodology that will be used to solve the problem

My experiment will be done by analyzing different pcap files of three different IoT botnet malwares (bashlite, mirai and tori) in two different intrusion detection systems (Snort and Suricata). The pcap files are captured from IoT devices that is infected with botnet malwares. I will be using an experiment research methodology.

The pcap files will be analyzed in Snort and Suricata, I will be comparing the CPU utilization, memory consumption and the time it takes on analyzing the pcap files.

The used dataset:

explain every bit of the dataset, like when was it captured, what type of devices, the type of malware etc..

you will also need to justify using this dataset. For example you could say that its new and it contain the most known botnet malware in IoT, its also generated in real environment etc..

Provide a detailed description of the components of the methodology.

Since I will be using Snort and Suricate, so provide a summary of each tool and show how they are the best open source intrusion detection system to justify why we chose them