Written assignment 1 – christ in discipleship (turabian formating) | DSMN 500 | Liberty University

Link to on line books https://app.wordsearchbible.com/reader

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The readings are in this books online:  Bonhoeffer: chs. 2–3 Earley & Dempsey: chs. 5–8

 You will doing five of these papers and each is to be 5-6 pages in length and follow Turabian format citing at least 5 sources. 


For this assignment, you will write a paper detailing the importance of the centrality of Christ in Christian discipleship. Discuss how obedience reflects the discipleship of Christ as well as areas of life that a disciple must submit to Christ. Finally, outline and expand on the 3 stages of discipleship according to the Dempsey & Earley textbook. Explain how the stages work together and explain how to help disciples take the steps of obedience.