Write at least one page (not a paragraph or two)

Select FIVE artists discussed this semester. Write at LEAST one page (NOT A PARAGRAPH OR TWO) about EACH ARTIST’s contribution to CIVIL RIGHTS, BLACK PRIDE, CHICANO PRIDE, ANTI-WAR, ANTI-CENSORSHIP, or other important U.S. cultural event. Include ONE song per artist that supports your argument. James Brown, Bob Dylan, or Sam Cooke are GREAT CHOICES for this assignment. ORIGINAL WRITING is important. Each submission will be evaluated for plagiarism, make sure what you turn in is YOUR WRITING. There is a MAXIMUM of 15 points for this ENTIRE assignment. If you meet each requirement (5 artists, 1+ pages per artist, 1 song per artist, contribution to U.S. cultural/social/political movement) you have a great chance of receiving full credit. If you do not follow instructions, points will be deducted to reflect that. Outside sources (books, articles), must be cited in a bibliography at the end of the assignment. I will NOT accept Shmoop sources. Limit of 2 wikipedia sources. 

Source attached! please must provide in text citation and must follow APA format