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In this paper, first DRAFT due next Tuesday at 9:30 am, I want you to choose ONE element of the novel on which to concentrate.
You may choose to write about Marie, Old Salamano, OR Raymond and what you believe their characters are doing in the novel. What do they represent, do you think? WHY would Camus include them? What do you think his intention might have been?
Or, perhaps you’re interested in the idea of existentialism or absurdism and you’d like to argue that the novel is a piece of art that grows out of one of these philosophies. Find the evidence in the text!
Perhaps you’re interested in the way in which Camus describes “nature” and how this deepens and complicates Meursault’s character. How could a cold-blooded killer be so lyrical in his descriptions of the night sky?
Or the book can also be seen as an exploration of the racism in Algiers at that time.
You could even read it through a feminist lens, or the lens of examining the rigid gender roles that existed in that culture at that time.
What about the fact that World War II was going on, and this novel became very popular everywhere? What might that say about the human condition at that time?
Your analysis should be tightly-focused and carefully written, with supporting evidence from the novel. SLOW DOWN and build your argument.
A minimum of 750 words, double-spaced, plain font, with your name on it and the date!
Due next Tuesday morning in class!
An example is attached. Read it!
I attached the novel for you as well, it’s really short. Please read it, thanks

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