write a risk assessment for the scenarios given

Risk Management Exercise
You are an official from a Public Health Agency advising the Government on risk management strategies. You are faced with the following scenario:
Scenario (Year 1 – Odd Years)
A small community (approx. 15,000 residents) has a large fertilizer manufacturer approximately 1 mile from main street in the downtown area and approximately a 14 quarter mile from the local elementary school. The fertilizer manufacturer employees about 20% of the town’s population while the rest of the population is highly dependent on aquaculture and fishing from a local river. The fertilizer company uses a large amount of ammonium nitrate and stores approximately 30 tons on site in a blending facility constructed of wood. The facility blends various inert additives with the ammonium nitrate on site and then ships the blended product out in bulk on trucks or on rail cars via the local train tracks. There are about 50 trucks per day that must exit through main street to reach the interstate and about 15 rail cars that move along local rail spurs. The facility is also located near a local river and discharges wastewater resulting from washing down the blending vats directly into the river.
Scenario (year 2 – even years)
A mid-size city in the Southeast (approximate population 744,000) has several major chemical production facility employers located within 10 miles of the city center. Each facility employs approximately 6,500 workers. One of the chemical producers makes toxic carbamate pesticides using intermediates such as highly toxic Methyl isocyanate (MIC; e.g. Bophal India catastrophe). The production process for carbamates is very complex and requires careful oversight and monitoring. This facility uses and stores very large quantities MIC such that they keep approximately 1 full year’s supply in their inventory. Part of the production process involves high temperatures and can produce explosive and flammable gases if not carefully monitored and controlled. The process also produces still bottoms and sludge that also must be discharged and disposed. The raw materials and end products are also shipped into and out of the production facility via rail car. The rail lines used carry passenger and cargo trains throughout the day and are within 5 miles of the downtown area.
In a maximum of 5 pages, please detail how you would suggest managing the risks associated with this scenario. In particular, list your risk management recommendations in order of priority with a bulleted list summarizing them in the first part of your paper. Then, in the second part of your paper provide details on “how” you would implement your recommendation and justification for each recommendation. Please be specific, for example, “evacuate population within 30 Km” is a specific recommendation, while something like “be culturally sensitive in some way for any action we might take” is not specific. You will be penalized in your grade for non-specific recommendations that are not actionable items.
**Please note: Do not spend any significant amount of effort in your paper giving background or general information about the scenario. This is a risk management exercise, i.e. “what are you going to do about the risks?”.

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