write a review of an article or a book which involves government us

Book or Article Review Paper

1. Follow the writing guidelines found in the Papers subfolder.
2. Format = MLA or your favorite, e.g., RISD Manual of Standard Usage. Follow their rules on citing a book or article.
3. Cite 2 sources; online or personal interviews can be a source; Wikipedia can be used for background but NOT for a cited source.
First line: Title, author, publisher, publishing date, no. pages, index, sources, appendices, notes, etc.

Part 1A– Overview of book or article: What it is about, subject, scope, coverage.
Part 1B– Author information: look online for an interview and biography.

Part 2– Three (minimum) facts and/or ideas – new ideas, approaches, solutions, etc., discussed.

Part 3– Commentary and opinion–yours:
Writing style, subject coverage- reading ease, depth, thoroughness, gaps;
What you learned, what new knowledge gained;
What you liked or disliked;
Importance- to whom, best audience, contribution to knowledge;
Why you would (not) recommend to others.


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