write a response paper as given description below minimum 500 words

1. Step one: Read the poem (i have attached pdf file) that was written by Alfred Loyd Tennyson, The Dying Swan.
2. Step two: Watch this video clip of cellist Yo Yo Ma performing Camille Saint-Saëns’ The Swan.

3. Step three: Watch this video clip of Svetlana Zakharova dancing Le Cygne (The Swan).

4. Write a 2-page response paper that addresses/responds to the following items. Discuss the composer’s choices and how they were effective in creating such a dramatic image/moment. Consider the following:
a. instrumentation, the tempo,
b. the decision regarding whether to employ monophony/homophony/polyphony
c. why the musical composition lent itself well to the ballet
d. the poem as source inspiration
e. how the music did/did not reflect the lyricism of the poem
f. whether the music captured the texture of the poem
g. whether the musical colors reflect the essence of the poem

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