World economic forum matrix and health insurnce organization


In 4–6 APA pages, complete the following:


  1. Use the World Economic Forum matrix, to explore resilience in your selected organization. Describe Health Insurance organization or one with which you are familiar in terms of each of the cells found in the matrix in a narrative format.


  2. Explain why you do or do not believe the Health Insurance organization you selected is resilient. Furthermore explain how the Health Insurance organization may be resilient in some ways but not in others. Give illustrative examples supporting your conclusions.

  3. Explain how the executive leadership might use this information about resilience to improve its decision-making behavior.


Notes for the paper: The paper requests you to evaluate the ‘Resilience’ of Health Insurance organization.  Please refer to World Economic Forum (2013) and use the Resilience Matrix (Figure 23) illustrated at page 38 for your project assignment.


“This matrix contains 25 cells made up of the intersections of the X axis and the Y axis. The X axis elements are: economic, environmental, governance, infrastructure, and social. The Y axis elements are: robustness, redundancy, resourcefulness, response, and recovery.”  Please provide an individual assessment for each of 25 cells again the evaluation criteria (attributions).  The World Economic Forum (2013) provides examples of the evaluation criteria (attributions) shown in Appendix 3.2 (p.69) and explained at page 38-39.  For example, the Example of Attributes for ‘Robustness’ are ‘Monitoring system health’ ‘Modularity’ and ‘Adaptive decision-making models’ (p.38, 69).  Please note that these evaluation criteria (attributions) are for your reference only.  Your evaluation criteria (attributions) depends on the characteristics of the selected organizations and might include but not limit to these examples of attributions.  Therefore, you will need to provide an individual assessment for all 25 cells.  Then please provide an overall assessment of how resilient your organization based on the individual analysis for 25 cells.  Finally, please justify how a manager might use this information to improve decision making through complex system thinking.


Include at least two citations/references to current literature to support your explanations and recommendations to the executive leadership.