Windows assignment | Applied Sciences homework help

3.     Choose two of the three articles below about keeping your computer safe. (These can be found in the Bethel Library.) Do not choose additional sources than those listed.

Windows Users

     9 Ways to Keep your Windows Computer Safe by Lincoln Spector – PC World

     Ransomware Recovery Checklist –  Cybersecurity / Journal of Health Care Compliance

     Windows 10 Upgrade: Don’t use Express Settings if You Value Your Privacy by Jared Newman

If you do not see a listed source in the Bethel Library, uncheck the box for Scholarly Journals. (See image below)

Mac Users

     Basic Security Tips You Can Use to Protect Your Mac – MacWorld

     Getting Started With 2FA: Secure Your Accounts Now or Regret It Later  MacWorld

     All the New Ways iOS 13 Protects Your Privacy MacWorld

Tips for Mac Users :

4.     Describe why it is important to be vigilant about security awareness when using your computer and discuss three things you can do to keep your device safe or reduce privacy concerns.