Why is majority rule fair and/or effective? argumentative essay

Argumentative Essay





My due essay is argumentative. The article I need to read is “The Tyranny of the Majority.” by Lani Guinier. Then, I have to build my argument using one of thr following topic question


Why is Majority Rule fair and/or effective?

The essay is due this coming Monday Oct 7th, and i need it by tomoroorw night as a maximum.




*** Important things to be taken in ***




* You may use one outside source to support your argument, but it is not required. Your essay must be three pages in length, plus a work cited page (for a total of four pages).

* Your thesis should be a debatable claim

* Defend your argument clearly, providing ample evidence to support your thesis

* Avoid misrepresenting or trivializing the opposing position

* Organize and develop your argument in a thoughtful, logical manner

* May use one outside source

* Use MLA documentation style


Can you help me with this essay to be done by tomorrow night??