Week 6: e-response to masco and jain


For this week’s e-response, please read Joseph Masco’s “Atomic Health, or How the Bomb Altered American Notions of Death

Actions ” and Lochlann Jain’s “Fallout: Minuets in the Key of FearActions ” and respond to the following questions:

1.  According to Joseph Masco, the atomic bomb fundamentally changed American notions of health.  What changed?  How and why did this change happen? 

2.  The notion of “hygiene” as a social responsibility often informed public health campaigns throughout American history.  How did the Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) link “hygiene” and nuclear survival during the Cold War?

3.  According to Lochlann Jain, what did the President’s Cancer Panel find when it comes to “environmentally caused cancers”?  Cite at least three specific examples.   Why is it so difficult to prove that a particular exposure has led to an individual cancer?

4.  Jain writes that “people who have been exposed to carcinogens have two practical legal choices, each of which differently juggles the problems of proving an injury and proving its proximate cause.”  What are those two practical legal choices?  What are potential problems with each choice? 

Your e-response must be at least 400 words.  Thank you!