Week 13 anthro | Education homework help


Globalization has stimulated discussions about human rights – powers, privileges, and material resources to which people everywhere, by virtue of being human, are justly entitled. As you are watching the video documentary “Between Borders: American Migrant Crisis” consider the questions below. Take notes as your encounter these concepts. Finally, choose (1) one question to discussion on this week’s discussion board.

  1. Why are these migrants leaving their home countries? Do you see examples of migration due to human (in)security? If so, what are those?
  2. How might the migrants you see in the video be labeled? Are the refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs or possibly economic migrants? How will their classification potentially impact their journey and possible resettlement?
  3. Do you see examples of possible human rights abuses? If so, what are those?
  4. How might a policy of “multiculturalism” lead a culturally diverse state to greater social stability? What might those policies include?
  5. How might the greater promotion of human rights within the international system work in tandem with a domestic policies that promote “multiculturalism”? What might those policies include?
  6. How might the concept of “culture” help us to think about human rights?
  7. Are human rights part of culture?
  8. Why are we challenged by the arrival of migrants in our country?
  9. Some have argued that there should be free and open migration anywhere around the world. What would be the result if individuals could easily go anywhere in the world?
  10. In a globalizing world, the call has come for recognition of new forms of citizenship over traditional notions of “territorial citizenship”. Might more flexible forms of citizenship help international migrants?