Web develop project | Computer Science homework help


• Review of the HTML and CSS skills learned until this point.

Basic Requirements
• Properly use and indent all tags.
• Set up page with <html>, <head> and <body> tags.
• The page should contain your name in the <footer>.
• You may work in pairs, but each person must turn in their own work.

Project Description
• Using the skills you have gained thus far, attempt to recreate the page below.
• All required images are included in the project folder.
Final Result (text may vary):

Submitting your project
1. Combine all work files into a zip folder (include all HTML, CSS, font, and image files).
Keep the file structure the same as it was when you were working on the
2. Submit the zip folder via desire2learn in the appropriate Assignment folder in order
to receive credit. While you may also submit screenshots, you are required to
submit the actual code files, not just screenshots of the code. Screenshots of code
will receive NO CREDIT.

• Total possible points: 100
A ▪ All content is present.
▪ No broken images.
▪ The page looks nearly identical to the screenshot.
▪ Fonts are similar, although not necessarily 100% the same fonts.
▪ Proper use of floating, positioning, colors, transparency, etc.
B ▪ All content is present.
▪ 0 -1 broken images.
▪ The page is fairly similar to the screenshot.
▪ Incorrect fonts.
▪ Mostly proper use of floating, positioning, colors, transparency, etc.
C ▪ Missing some content.
▪ Multiple broken images.
▪ Incorrect fonts.
▪ Improper use of floating and positioning. 

  Incorrect colors and transparency.
D ▪ Lacking most of the content.
▪ Multiple broken images.
▪ Little to no styling.
F ▪ Little to no code/content
▪ Screenshot of code