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Weak 8-513


Written Assignment Instruction:

For this assignment you will need to access the file titled “Car Rental”. You can find this file in Week 8 assignment link. 

Suppose that a car rental agency offers insurance for a week that will cost $10 per day. A minor fender bender will cost $1,500, while a major accident might cost $15,000 in repairs. Without the insurance, you would be personally liable for any damages. What should

you do? Clearly, there are two decision alternatives: take the insurance or do not take the insurance. The uncertain consequences, or events that might occur, are that you would not be involved in an accident, that you would be involved in a fender bender, or that you would be involved in a major accident. Assume that you researched insurance industry statistics and found out that the probability of major accident is 0.05%, and that the probability of a fender bender is 0.16%.

Analyze the calculations and answer the following questions:

  1. Based on the calculation in      both scenarios, what is the best value decision for either scenario? What      would you do in either scenario? Explain!
  2. How would you evaluate the risk      involved in either scenario? Explain?

Please write your answers in essay form using MS Word, doc or docx files. Please make sure you adhere to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment in the designated area in Week 8. Please be mindful of the deadline.