Visual basic beginning | Computer Science homework help

Please help me with this program. I need a Bike program that is similar to the one in the pictures shown. I need to create a program that allows the user to specify a number of bikes to rent from a city bike rental program. The application then calculates the total cost of renting the bikes.  The user entered 5 as the number of city bikes to rent for the day. The maximum time rental is 6 hours. If the user wants to rent for multiple days, he or she must bring the bike back to a bike kiosk rental station and pay for individual day rentals. When the user taps or clicks the Calculate Cost button, the program multiplies 5 by the cost per bike rental for a 6-hour period ($9.95) and then displays the result as the total cost of the city bike rental for a group. When the user taps or clicks the Clear button, the values for the number of bikes and the total cost of the bike rental are cleared so the next user can enter a value. Tapping or clicking the Exit button closes the window and terminates the program.  the price per bike rented must be multiplied by the cost of each bike rental for a 6-hour period to calculate the total cost.