Utilize critical thinking and identify the issue within a three page paper

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You are a division vice-president of a major high-end clothing retail chain. The products in your stores are tailored specifically for each customer. Logic seems to point toward the fact that the individualized attention, personal measuring process, and personal tailoring would insulate your organization from online competition. However, some in the organization are beginning to sound alarms that technology is catching up, and that your organization needs to examine its strategy. The CEO has put you in charge of a committee charged with investigating the claims of the employees.

Analyze this situation by addressing the following.

  • Utilize critical thinking to identify the problem or issue.
  • Determine whether the potential threat needs to be addressed utilizing creative thinking or if maintaining the status quo will suffice.
  • Develop arguments in favor of your proposed solution.

Utilize one source from the guide and at least one additional outside source for support. Please format your paper utilizing APA style. This paper should be a minimum of three pages in length not counting the title page or reference page.

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