Using the internet, review the process to apply for a patent, a

Using the Internet, review the process to apply for a patent, copyright, a trademark, or discuss how to protect intellectual property (chapter 9). Pick one and include your choice in the subject line of your post. OR, discuss how music or videos can be downloaded and how they factor into one of the topics. Prepare a short summary of the process or procedures and how the accounting plays into intellectual property. In addition, using a professional tone please respond to at least one of your classmates that strengthens their post. Helpful websites are and **Your post will be graded on originality. Please do not simply re-state the post of a previous colleague. You are required to provide references in addition to the website above (two references at least). Comment at least two of your classmates. **Rubric_ACCT-101_20 points.pdf open this document with ReadSpeaker docReader Due: Oct 30, 2019 (Wed), 11:59 p.m.. Late submissions will not be considered.