use a Label contro numeric type of data

5 -17SP CIT- Apple Inc. (US https://www.icloud com photos2 May 11, 2017, 11:35:57 PM Cloud Photos 23 of 24 error messages, use a Label contro numeric type of data to be entered integer or home rooftops. Th 3. Solar Panel Installation solar panels on for each add The Megawatt solar panel company installs charge weeks, b ut base installation charge of includes two nels. is two s time. tional panel is $300. The normal waiting time for instal ation reduce calcu. Customers can pay an express charge 5% total cost to user and Create an application at collects the require information from the name pho lates the charges for the installation first name ast installa The user should input the following information: for the express box con er of panels, deposit amoun and a c charges, display a group ng add numb e f instal option. en the user clicks a button to charge. cost o Wh installation due taining the following information base amount, and balance tional panels, total installation cost, deposit Error checking should include the following criteria: The name and phone fields cannot be blan 1 and 1,000 The number must an between than 0. The deposit amount be a numeric value greater whenever must Use separate procedures and functions for validation and in a separate possible. For example, dation of user inputs should be performed function, called from the Click handler of the Calculate Charges Display error messages whenever appropriate, Charges group box she b When the application starts, as in Figure 6-24, the ould nvisible. After the user clicks the Charges button and a nputs deposit dated, the Charges group box should appear, as shown in Figure 6-25. If the from amount was greater than the total charges, c the tion of the final field “Balance due” to “Refund”. When the user clicks the Clear button, clear a nputs Photos Albums All Photos Videos Screenshots Recently Deleted WhatsApp and hide the Charges group box Figure 6-24 Solar Panel Installation application, on startup Joshua Figure 6 12:52 PM 5/122017

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