Urgent – service marketing – customer value report – need done asap

Please read before committing 

Need this report done in 10 hours !! Quite a big <10page project, offering high! Looking for someone committed and be able to deliver a good report in a very short limited time. 

Extra notes attached. I’m okay with 5 Pages. 

You have recently graduated and have secured a role as a Marketing Assistant for  a Car Sharing Services company (for your report, choose an actual brand as your employer).  You are asked by your manager to research and prepare a report on how new Customer Value can be created and existing Customer Value can be advanced in the organisation.  In writing this report, focus on value received by customers in terms of Cost, Time, Place, Form, Experience, Performance and Problem Solving. 

Your report should cover at least the following components: 

  • – Define Customer Value and briefly outline each of the elements of Customer Value (cost, time, place, form, experience, performance and problem solving) 
  • – Outline how each of these value propositions relate (or do not relate) to your brand’s (i.e. your employer’s) customers 
  • – Define your brand’s core service and discuss which value propositions are dominant in your brand’s core service 
  • – Discuss which value propositions may be built into your brand’s supplementary services 
  • – Outline how value may be added or created via robust customer research
  • – Outline how technology contributes to the firm’s value offering
  •  – Write recommendations in order of importance that your manager would take into the presentation 

You are expected to research the topics outlined, sourcing at least seven strong references that are relevant to this topic. There is no one specific answer to this topic and your report will be strongly directed by the references that you source as well as your personal insights in connecting the topic material to the brand. Your manager will be expecting a report that’s highly relevant to the topic, well-structured and clearly written. The grading of your report will be based on a rubric (file attached).  Please refer to the rubric when preparing your report. In regards to this task, note the following:

  • Your submission should be carefully planned prior to starting writing to ensure relevance to the topic and good sequencing of ideas. 
  • – You are expected to consult at least 7 recent, high-quality journal articles on this topic as well as any other sources -that you believe are relevant and authoritative. 
  • – The work should be correctly referenced throughout the document (Chicago protocol). 
  • – A list of references should appear at the end of the document (Chicago protocol). 
  • – Your writing should be structured under appropriate headings and sub-headings. 
  • – Appropriate use of paragraphs should be evident throughout the document. 
  • – Avoid vague or sweeping statements.
  • – Ensure that there’s a logical flow throughout the document. –
  • – Do not write in the first person (Don’t use “I”, “we” or “us”). 

Length requirement: The report should be no longer than 10 pages (1.5 spacing, 11 font), but this limit EXCLUDES contents list, cover page, references and appendices.