Urgent – managing change – case study business proposal – need

McLeod has implemented a program of changes since 2008. Imagine you have been approached as an external consultant by McLeod to manage one of the change projects within this program. Develop a three-part proposal with an Executive summary responding to the following: 

1. Proposal – Identify one project you would like to be involved in and design a proposal to complete this work. Outline this project and approaches you would use to implement the changes. Indicate any assumptions and limitations (such as number of employees in a division or the structure of a department or the company) as part of the ‘Scope of Work’ in your proposal. (15 marks) 

2. Underlying Change Management Concepts – Use models for managing change and your knowledge of change management theory to justify your proposed approach (5 marks) 

3. Strengths, Weaknesses and Limitations – Outline the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of your proposal. (5 marks) 

Please use theories studied in the lecture slides in Powerpoint  attached

Please read Assessment Credentials before taking up offer.

Case Study file is attached

2,500 words

MINIMUM 8 scholar references

Chicago 16 reference