Unit 4 assignment: functions of fats assignment (bio150 nutrition)

 Overview: For this assignment, you will analyze good fats and bad fats.  


• Watch the “7 Ways to Optimize Your Cholesterol” video in this week’s Readings  and Resources.     


• Name and describe five functions of fat.  

• List the five different types of fat. 

• From the video, choose and describe two pieces of information that surprised  you about lowering cholesterol.  

              o Include in your description an explanation about why each surprised you. 

• Choose three healthy cooking oils/fats and explain how you can incorporate them  into your daily diet.

• Reviewing your All Daily Report, identify where the majority of your fats come  from.  

             o Are they healthy fats or unhealthy fats? 

             o List the benefits of increasing your healthy fats and the health issues that  can arise from eating too many unhealthy fats.  


• Submit a Word document in APA format. 

• RE-submit the PDF document containing all of the areas listed for the  NutritionCalc Report.