Traits That Distinguish The Genus Paranthropus From The Genus Australopithecus A

Traits that distinguish the genus Paranthropus from the genus Australopithecus (and genus Homo) include which of the following?

 a:Large zygomatic arches

 b:Sagittal crests

 c:Large molars with small incisors

 d:All of the above

The first specimen of Australopithecus africanus that was ever found was nicknamed the “Taung Baby” because _

 a:It was the remains of an infant, found at a site known as Taung cave

 b:Raymond Dart tasted the fossil to make sure it was bone and not a carving, and bone has a distinct “tang” taste to it (“taung” is the South African spelling of “tang”).

 c:The fossil was very beautiful, and “taung, baby” is a slang term, equivalent to the American term “hey, babe.”

 d:All of the above

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