Topic 4 The Social Network

Topic 4: The social network: Strong ties and Weak ties (Any two of the four topics)

I have introduced many important constructs this week, such as social network, Strong ties & weak ties and clusters etc. The concept of social network has been well addressed before the Internet age. If you choose to answer this question, please

1) identify and describe a network that you are familiar with (either online or offline)

2) Within this network, how do various members communicate among themselves?

3) Identify the strong ties, weak ties and clusters in this network.

4) Now please search for one scholarly paper to discuss any one of the focal constructs (could either be social capital, or social network, or strong tie, or weak tie, or cluster, etc. The article does not have to discuss an online community. It could be analyzing an offline community, such as a local church.) You can find scholar papers from UHV library dataset, or just use Please use the following format to summarize your findings.

Paper title:



Volume/Number and Year of the Journal:

Summary of the paper (Use your own words):

Why this paper supports your conclusion:

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