Title page and bibliography | Education homework help

The topic of this assignment is, “Improving student performance outcomes on standardize testing for 7th grade science Chicago Public schools”

  • create a title page (see syllabus Appendix A).
  • describe the context (setting) for your topic (problem) to include sub-headings:
    • the community
    • the school
    • all school, community, district, or county identification attributes will remain anonymous
  • Identify the approved topic
  • Describe your topic rationale (include a data table to support the problem)
  • Explain how research ethics will be followed with your proposed topic
  • Cite and reference your work.


To apply what you have learned, you will develop a bibliography consisting of five primary research articles related to your topic that have the potential to address the problem identified in your topic description by:

  • Creating a title page (see Syllabus Appendix A)
  • Conducting an online literature search and downloading and saving the articles as a .pdf file.
  • Identifying the five primary research articles related to your topic that are:
    • peer-reviewed research articles
    • not more than six years old.
  • Using the note card format provided in the syllabus (p. 7) to provide a brief and concise description of the article (DO NOT COPY THE ABSTRACT).
  • Cite your work as appropriate (see Chapter 6 of the APA Manual [6th ed.] for quoting material (Failure to cite will result in a failing grade).
  • Submit all .pdf article files with your annotated bibliography the assignment 2 link.