Three Weeks Ago Mike Mcgee Left To Join A Larger Company And Management Decided

Three weeks ago, Mike McGee left to join a larger company, and management decided to reorganize the IT department. Felesia Stukes was promoted to IT director, and to save money, her old job was eliminated. You, Lauren, Cathy, and Joe will report to her. The rest of the team is unchanged, except that a new programmer, Annie Edenton, has been hired, reporting to Dawn Rountree. Dawn’s title has been changed to Senior Data Technician. Also, to update your journal, you need to add more information about the various development methods:  What are some pros and cons of each development method?  What modeling tools are typically used with each development method? Task 1. Draw a new organization chart showing the changes, with full names and titles. Task 2. Write a journal entry that answers the additional questions about development methods. 

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