Three Student Chemists Measured 50 0 Ml Of 1 00 M Naoh In Seperate Styrofoam Cof

three student chemists measured 50.0 mL of 1.00 M NaOH in seperate styrofoam “coffee cups” calorimeters. Brett added 50.0 mL of 1.10 M HCl to his solution of NaOH; Dale added 45.5 mL of 1.10 M HCl to his NaOH solution. Lyndsay added 50.0 mL of 1.00M HCl to her NaOH solution. each student recorded the temperature change and calculated the enthalpy of neutralization. two of the chemists will report, within experimental error, the same temperature change for HCl/NaOH reaction. identify the two students and explain

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