This assignment is based on a Ted Talks interview with Ray Dalio, who is a prominent hedge fund investor. He is the founder, Co-Chairman, Co-Chief Investment Officer for Bridgewater Associates that is worth billions. Your job is to watch the YouTube vid

I need an explanation for this Economics question to help me study.

these are some of the keys that I would want you to address:

  • Does Mr. Dalio believe we are headed for a recession or depression and how does he answer that question?
  • Is this scenario unique or simply part of a cycle that we have dealt with before?
  • What role does money and credit play with the global economy and will this impact some countries more than others?
  • What are some of his suggestions on how each of us can adjust to the changes that will take place after this crisis?
  • Lastly, critique his advice and whether you think it is helpful or not.

In writing this assignment, there should be three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. There should be a cover page and a references page. Check my sample paper for what I’m looking for.

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