The internet and dev-ops | Computer Science homework help

Placing equipment and services on the Internet exposes them to critical cybersecurity threats. Read this student submission to the SANS Institute, summarize in five sentences and comment on why you feel DevOps would or would not improve security for Internet-connected services.

Continuous Security: Implementing the Critical Controls in a DevOps Environment  (Links to an external site.)

Aligned Objectives

  • Identify methods of protecting servers and services on the Internet
  • Discuss the different types of web services typically run in cyberspace 
  • Identity different cyber threats and how previous topics can prevent issues

Response Parameters

  • Each initial post should be 250 to 350 words. Respond to at least one peer’s post by providing potential solutions to their concern


Summarize the article.

Discuss how they would or would not improve security with DevOps.