The bauhaus movement | Human Resource Management homework help

Analyze the Bauhaus art movement and explain how it has impacted hotel and hotel lobby design.


Bauhaus has been called one of the most influential design movements of the 20th Century. From early beginnings in Germany to its spread throughout the globe, Bauhaus influence is seen in today’s fashion, art, architecture, furniture and a myriad of other design uses throughout the world.


Through research on the Internet and in KU Library, you will analyze the Bauhaus design movement and its impact on today’s architecture of hotels, lobbies, and accommodation preferences. Then you will analyze how knowledge of design movements has impacted your past choices and how it will impact future ones.


Step 1: Start by researching the main Bauhaus online website and click on the atlas to see primary (original) designs and photographs at:


Then you can do a search for Walter Gropius, the founder of this movement.


Step 2: Research Bauhaus Architectural Movement on the Internet and in the KU Library (see KU Library database instructions in Doc Sharing) and then continue your research. Remember, your paper should be original and address the checklist items below:


Step 3: Complete the following:




Research the Bauhaus art design and the Bauhaus architectural movement.

Explain how the Bauhaus art movement is an expression of culture.

Analyze and describe how Bauhaus design has influenced current hotel lobby design and how this might influence travelers.

Discuss what types of messages might be communicated to the traveler by the lobby design.

Describe how design movements have influenced your past personal choices and how an understanding of design might influence your choices in the future.

Create a 2 page APA formatted paper that addresses the critical elements above and submit it to the Dropbox before the end of the unit.