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This essay is a research and reflective piece of writing. Please could it be made sure that when this essay is re-written,
This paper has different elements;
-Teaching and assessing – having developed a knowledge base.
1. An action plan setting out three learning objectives relevant to own area of work, to be negotiated with supervisor or manager. The first objective must be development of a knowledge base, the second a specific skill relevant to scope of practice and the third objective demonstrate an aspect of leadership relevant to role. Students will provide evidence of learning, including evidence based practice within the portfolio (500 words for each objective 1500 words in total).
2. A reflection on teaching and assessing a colleague linking to evidence based practice for both the content and teaching and learning theory (1500 words). Supervisors will be expected to observe the session(s) and provide feedback (See template p20-21). See example session outline and template on p15-19. The supervisor feedback, session outline and any hand-outs/criterion reference grids used will be submitted in the portfolio.
Service improvement and audit
3. A description of an audit completed in practice, showing the audit cycle and understanding of the benchmark standard underpinning the audit tool (1500 words). This can be linked to the learning objectives set and may feed into the service improvement proposal.
4. A service improvement proposal; this may have been developed following the completion of an audit in practice. This will consist of completing the form on page 12 (1500 words).
I will add the essay that I would like to be re-written (named T._Revised_6000_words_Mod.6..docx) and also the template (named; Template_Module_6of where it needs to be written and how. Any additional information or references would be appreciated.
Please contact me if there Is any extra information needed.