stylistic language and/or literary techniques

homework this week, please respond to the following on a Word
document in MLA format.

Discuss some of the stylistic language and/or literary techniques at
work in “Why My Generation Doesn’t Care About Performance
Enhancement” (linked above in the “Commentaries” .pdf). How
does the tone and style here differ from the other arguments we’ve
read in class so far?

Respond to the following question regarding the essay “When May I
Shoot a Student” (linked in the above .pdf titled “Commentaries”):
Throughout this commentary, the author employs the rhetorical device
of “irony”, which means he is saying one thing, but actually
means the opposite. That is, although the author states that he wants
to “applaud the Legislature’s courage” for passing a “bill
permitting guns on…campuses,” he sends clear signals that he
really opposes it. Choose three times that irony is used, and then
describe the meaning that he actually wants readers to take away.

In Week 2, we read Tyler Ohmann’s essay “Allowing Guns on Campus
Will Prevent Shootings, Rape”, and this week, we read about the
opposing viewpoint in Greg Hampikian’s sarcastic commentary, “When
May I Shoot a Student?”, written from a teacher’s point of view.
Now, I’d like you to practice using some of the literary
devices/rhetorical strategies we’ve discussed by writing your own
short Commentary on the topic of guns on campus (you may choose to
support or oppose it, doesn’t matter which side you’re on):

prepare an approximately 1 page typed Commentary expressing your
opinion about guns on campus. We have read essays on either side of
this issue, now you must choose for yourself. Think of this as a
(relatively informal) opinion piece that might be published in your
campus or local newspaper. I am not looking for you to write a huge
formal essay in 5 paragraph format; rather, your goal is to prepare
something “quick and memorable” that inspires and persuades your
readers through use of rhetorical strategies and/or literary devices.
Use first person but avoid an overemphasis of “I”. I am less
interested in what side of the issue you’re arguing and more
interested in your practicing using some of these writing strategies,
so be as creative and entertaining as possible.
Your response
should include at least 5 strategies/techniques from this list:
lead strategies/techniques
Logos – use of specific facts and
Pathos – emotional appeals
Ethos – appeals
to your own credibility as the author
Acknowledging the
or Similes
Imagery/ descriptive language
The Rule of 3’s
anything else on the “Literary Elements & Techniques”
attachment abovehttps://

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