Strategic analysis on tesla, inc

 I′ve uploaded the assignment FOR REFERENCE. I am asking for help with Part I & Part III of the assignment below: Part I: STRATEGIC ANALYSIS based on your research using the methods and approaches explained in the course (The questions are designed to have you apply a specific course concept(s)) – Length: 4 pages Q1. What factors in the general environment and what factors in the industry in which Tesla Inc. competes are affecting Tesla Inc.’s strategy selection? Q2. What tangible resources, intangible resources, and organizational capabilities does Tesla Inc. possess? Which of these may/should be providing Tesla Inc.: (a) a competitive advantage? (b) a sustainable competitive advantage? Why? Q3. What core competencies does Tesla Inc. possess? How do you know these are core competencies? Q4. What is Tesla Inc.’s overall corporate-level strategy? Q5. Which business level strategy(ies) does Tesla Inc. pursue? PART III: STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS Length: 4 pages Hypothetical situation: You are part of Tesla Inc.’s top management team (TMT). The TMT has agreed, in consultation with the Board of Directors, that Tesla Inc. has an important role to play in helping realize a global vision where every man, woman, and child in the World is empowered by their products to lead a healthy and productive life. You and Elon Musk’s other top advisors have been asked to develop strategic alternatives for expanding Tesla Inc.’s involvement in this quest and have been asked to submit a brief for review. In this brief you will: Q9. Recommend a mission statement for Tesla Inc. that would be in-line with this vision. Q10. Propose three strategic alternatives that are in-line with this mission statement that are based in the business level, corporate level, or international level strategies covered in this course (and the forms these may take). Q11. Analyze each of these alternatives. (What are the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative?) Q12. Recommend one of the alternatives. (Why are you recommending this alternative?)