Steps in planning your career

 (Part I – 5 pts) you will define your own success. After you complete this exercise, you will have 30 succinct clues to what drives you, entices you, attract you. That will mean success to you! 

You can see that you have the word “success” in the middle. From the “success” circle, you have five red circles. Then, you have extended another five either green or yellow circles from each red circle.
So what you are to do? First, you are to come up with five words for what success means to you and write them into red circles. Then, you will have to come up with five words for each of those five words [think what these five words will bring you if you had them 

 (Part II – 20 pts) You will set a goal. Then, define the steps you need to take to achieve that goal 

 Use these instructions to correctly complete this part of the assessment.