State introduced, without objection


Nik was arrested and charged with the murder of Natasha. At the trial, the State introduced, without objection, evidence that Natasha’s body was found in an alley in a section of town where a number of other murders had been committed; that she died as a result of strangulation and fibers found on her body were matched with a woolen men’s tie found in a nearby dumpster; the manufacturer of the tie was a mass producer who retailed the tie at a number of large stores; and, that Nik and Natasha had been dating for several months and had not been known to have any arguments.

During the trial, the following testimony occurred, to which all appropriate objections were made:

  1. Natasha’s mother testified that on the night of her death, Natasha left home after telling her “Nik and I plan to go to the Ritz to see ‘The Lion King.’
  2. At the State’s request, the court took judicial notice that on the night of Natasha’s death, ‘The Lion King’ was playing at the Ritz.
  3. Abigail, who previously had been engaged to Nik before he broke off the engagement and started dating Natasha testified: “Last winter, on our last date, when I resisted Nik’s sexual advances, he dragged me into an alley by some trash containers and tried to strangle me with his scarf.”
  4. Nik’s statement (which was constitutionally obtained) was introduced into evidence. In that statement, he claimed that on the night of Natasha’s death, he had gone alone to a concert at the amphitheater to see a band called F.E.C. The State produced George, the ticket manager of the amphitheater, who had a photocopy of the schedule at the amphitheater that showed that F.E.C. was not scheduled there during the month of Natasha’s death. The photocopy of the schedule was received into evidence.
  5. Gregg, a fellow employee of Abigail, testified that she had a reputation at her firm for lying about her billable hours.


A memorandum according to the following:

  • As to each item 1 through 5, list and separately discuss the factors governing its admission into evidence, and the reasoning which should have been applied.
  • a minimum of eight (7) pages
  • follow Bluebook style standards
    • one-inch margins,
    • double spacing,
    • Times New Roman 12-point font

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