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Answer the following question in 250-350 words, excluding source siting. Thanks!

Much like the “self-proclaimed-experts” that we mentioned last week, there are fitness professionals that offer nutrition information to their clients.  There is basic information that we can offer.  However, most Personal Trainers or Strength & Conditioning coaches are not Registered Dietitians (R.D.).  RDs are legally allowed to evaluate patients/clients and prescribe nutritional programming.  This is the law, though there are many Fitness Professionals who profess to have nutrition expertise and offer nutrition programs, sell supplements, and/or ascribe to one specific type of “diet”.  

  • Please discuss the inherent legal challenges to these behaviors, which can essentially amount to practicing without a license.  
  • Then, pick a health issue (you can use the same one you used last week) and discuss the types of nutrition education would be appropriate for that client, along with behavior that would not be appropriate.  Please justify both with appropriate supporting material.

Of course, these two items can be combined in your discussion.