Speech outiline | English homework help

Need my speech outline done. Below i have inserted the outline template, an example of how the end product should look like, and two out of three sources that will need to be used( one of them needs to be searched up). 

Here are the instructions given by the professor:

  • -introduction with attention getter, relevance statement, overview of main points (label all parts!)
  • -main body with main points and sub-points, supported with evidence, data, statistics
  • -transitions
  • -conclusion with summary and strong ending
  • -in-text citations
  • -references in APA-style
  • -at least 3 different sources, one of which has to be peer-reviewed or from a library database

grading criteria:

  • -include all content elements as listed above
  • -contain a reference list and proper citation style
  • -be at least 1.5 pages long
  • -be written in proper, grammatically correct, college-level English