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Soil Cycling

Soil is very important for nutrient cycling and is an integral part of biogeochemical cycles.  For each of the biogeochemical cycles you have learned (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, hydrologic) answer/describe the following questions as it relates to soil and biogeochemical cycles.

1) In what forms (compounds/molecules/states/phases) does each exist within soil? (1 pt)

2) What role or importance does each cycle play in regard to nutrient cycling?  To organisms? (1.5 pts)

3) Describe what most plays a role in the cycling of each? (organisms? chemical reactions? other?; 1.5 pts)

4) Describe two different examples of how different cycles may interact with one another in the soil. (1 pt)

5) Describe South Florida soil.  Particularly address the layers of soil (O-A-E-B-C-bedrock) present (or absent) and its constituents (what it is made of).  Do not just copy and paste this answer from a website, even if you properly cite it…describe in your own words. (1 pt)