Social-emotional and mental health in schools

I would like a research paper that is written for the audience of school leaders and teachers. The research paper needs to cite UK Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) for schools in the UK. The Department for Education needs to be cited and researched for articles. The paper is a summary of what the national picture is for pupils, children, and young people with SEMH as their primary need. It also needs to reference what the issues are for those children and young people, like fixed term and permanent exclusions and what the current UK best practice is. It needs to be on a word document. Executive summary of the national picture of SEMH Current research in the UK within schools and colleges You may quote and insert references, please include all references Harvard style at the end of the document. 1O00 words are enough. This needs to be written in good quality English, the audience is school teachers and school leaders in the UK.