So this prompt is gonna be pretty straightforward, so don’t think too


So this prompt is gonna be pretty straightforward, so don’t think too much about it. By now you should have read Klosterman’s The Visible Man, and I really hope you got something out of it. The reason I wanted you to read it was so you could see that a different type of fiction writing is possible if you are creative enough to pull it off. He took a lot of chances in that book, and it’s pretty esoteric in form if you are not familiar with experimental fiction; so the prompt for your final will kind of follow in that tradition. Your prompt:

You will write a story.

That’s it. There are really no rules to this story. Other than make it as weird and creative as possible. Well, there are a few rules. And here they are.

Your story MUST BE EXACTLY FOUR PAGES in length, single-spaced. This means to the end of the fourth page, no more no less. I’m talking EXACTLY FOUR. Your story MUST HAVE EXACTLY TEN PARAGRAPHS, no more no less. I’m talking EXACTLY TEN.

Each paragraph MUST begin with the following phrase:

“Yeah, but”

That’s including the first and the last paragraph. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And you must tie your story together around those yeah, but(s). What comes within the paragraphs is totally up to you. TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY up to you. These should be fictional (ish), and they should be as super crazy creative as possible. Get wild, dudes. This is the final!

 Hello!! I posted all the instructions.. Just be as super crazy creative as possible and get wild, as he said. : )

Hey everyone. So it’s that time–finals! I have your final reading assignment ready to go. It’s a pretty simple one–read The Visible Man in its entirety. It’s a novel, and is a VERY quick read–it probably won’t take you more than a few days to finish it. Your final will come from this reading.

It’s an amazing book, crazy super amazing.

Here’s a trailer for the book (and no, it’s not a movie for some STUPID reason, grr).

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