Scl week 3 | Reading homework help

I need to read every question carefully and answer the following questions. Every question has a video you need to watch to be able to answer the questions. The last question has a document you need to read to be able to answer the questions.

 Which note-taking method discussed in the video, 5 Best Note-Taking Methods, do you currently use while writing notes in class or while reading? How does this method help you study effectively and efficiently? If you had to try another method, which would you choose and why?

Which TWO (2) tips discussed in the video, Study Less Study Smart, did you find most useful and would be willing to incorporate into your study habits? Be specific with your choices, using the same headings as the video. Discuss how using each of these tips would make you a more effective learner.

Describe what you currently do to study for a test. Have you found this to be an effective way to study? What aspects of the Feynman technique discussed in the video, How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique, would you incorporate to help you learn faster and better?

Look at the document, Active Study Tips. If you had to pick THREE (3) tips from the list to actively study for the subjects below, what would they be (you may select one tip each from your preferred learning style)? How would these tips help you learn better? Do you use a strategy other than the ones listed to study actively? If yes, what are they and how are they useful to study the two subjects? Discuss by writing at least THREE (3) sentences for EACH SUBJECT (up to 15 points for addressing the questions for each subject with specific information, and for writing with no spelling/grammatical errors).

History (15 points):

Math (15 points):