Revise paper (babylon: health companion in the use of rural


revise paper (Babylon: Health Companion in the Use of Rural Populations in Myanmar)

revise the paper (2000 words have been completed)(overall 2450 words), draw executive summary (250 words) and conclusion(less than 100 words)

1) Critically evaluate the business model, revenue model, the business process and value proposition to identify the limitations and opportunitiesof this mobile app OR device OR wearable. (20%)

2) Identify how the mobile app OR device OR wearable could contributeto Digital Business and e-commerce in ONE of the developing countries listed below. Explain how it would contribute to developing the economy of that country and help disadvantaged peoplein that country. (20%) Identify and analyse disadvantaged people issues and economy structure of chosen country. How would existing app help?

3) Considering the resources, skills and knowledge of the country’s people, identify hurdlesto the effectiveness of the mobile app OR device OR wearable in the developing country. Using models/frameworks/theories provided in this module discuss the modifications to the value proposition, revenue model and processthat would be needed to overcome these hurdles (20%). You should decide which models (2/3)are relevant to the app, country, economy And people e.g. strategy, digital marketing, ethics

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