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Your assignment is to write a review/summary of the scientific article provided. Write a summary critically evaluating this article. Critical summaries should summarize and briefly contextualize the reading. Answer all of the questions below in your summary.
1. Why was the study done? Summarize the relevant background information to demonstrate that you understand why the study was done. Explain the investigators’ working hypothesis and the predictions that the investigators made based upon that hypothesis.

2. What techniques/experimental procedures were used to collect data? Why were the techniques used valid for the type of information the investigators wanted to collect?

3. How was the study done? For each of the figures and tables that include experimental results, describe the experimental design. What were the controls that were used? What was the purpose of using each of these controls? Are there any other controls that would have been useful to include?

4. What results did the investigators collect? For each of the figures and tables that include experimental results, describe the results that were collected. What do these results suggest? Do they support the investigators’ hypothesis? Why or why not?

5. For informational diagrams, explain why the diagram was included in the article. What does the diagram demonstrate? How does it enhance the reader’s understanding of the article?

6. What conclusions did the investigators reach based upon their data? Are there viable alternative interpretations of their data? How do these new data influence and relate to the literature in this field? In other words, how does this study fit into the “big picture”?



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