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Classmate 1 post (TU)

1. What is the problem at her company that the student is addressing? Does her literature review (WA#2) inform this problem at all?

The problems at the company are:
– Poor management environment: the company does not encourage managers to freely implement its policies and procedures to boost morale.
– Low job satisfaction: no incentive for new employees to stay, and no advancement opportunities.
– The company does not have any retention plans.

2. What primary research does she want to conduct?

She wants to to conduct a survey on current employees about what their ideal work environment and the opinions they may have about the current management.

3. Would you recommend any other forms of primary research for her? For example, would interviews be helpful? If so, interviews with whom? Would a focus group be helpful? If so, a focus group with whom?

I think a survey on all current employees will give excessive amount of feedback and will not suggest a clear agreement on any improvement due to the fact that the current staffs will consists of employees with a wide range of seniority, yet the research is to focus on retention of new employees. Therefore, a focus group would be helpful. The focus group should be on the employees with employment time less than 4 years. The reason why I choose this range because most of these employees are those who have gone through all the training and have worked on the job. Also, they can still quit the job while having not overly invested in the company. As a result, they would give the most realistic opinions for what they want the company to do to retain them.

4. Why will the primary research be important to her Human Resources Director, Joyce Smith? Why wouldn’t Ms. Smith be satisfied with simply studies and articles on employee retention and turnover?

I will answer the second question first. Studies and articles would not be enough as it is clearly stated in the memo that “there is no infallible method on determining what works best for all companies as a whole.” I agree with this statement because every company is different in every way, so it is impossible to have a universal solution for a same problem. Therefore, in order to tackle the issue in her company, the student needs to gather the opinions exclusively from within through primary research, which leads to the first question. Primary research is important to the Director because it is a crucial pool of data for her to analyze where the company is standing, what needs to be addressed, and how much changes need to be incorporated.

Classmate 2: Janet Quartey

The problem I am proposing and wish to solve in the workplace is having employers provide free onsite therapists and mental health advocates/ resources in the workplace through Employee Assistance Programs. Being an adult is stressful enough, and studies have shown that workplace counseling can provide a safe place for them to talk about their problems, and improving employee performance. My target audience for this assignment will be the office of Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD), along with the Dean of Student Services. My primary research will consist of interviewing employees to find out:

  1. In which ways, if any, do their personal lives affect their job productivity
  2. How many of them see a therapist
  3. If they don’t see a therapist, what stops them from seeing one

I understand that confidentiality is a concern for most people, so instead of conducting interviews, I can conduct anonymous surveys through their employee email addresses. One way to ensure that all employees complete the survey is to have it built into the software so that a reminder will pop up everytime they log into their account using their credentials.

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