Research assignment (engl1013 english composition)


Typewriter with solid fillENGLISH 1013: RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT PROMPT 

What is this assignment?

For this assignment, you will be working to “find the best answer to an important but challenging question” (Booth, Colomb, & Williams 106) within a topic of your choice. This is an opportunity to display your skills in analysis, synthesis, comprehension, and evaluation in relation to credible sources you will find along the way. Additionally, your job as a writer is to help the audience understand vital contextual information and the different perspectives within your topic (including your own). While this feat necessitates integrating in external sources, remember that this is primarily your assignment, your voice, and your writing.

To specify: you must engage with at least five sources in this assignment, one of which must be from a NWACC Library database. Your sources can be pop-culture sources, primary research (interviews, surveys), or other credible materials that serve to explore and illustrate your topic. Keep in mind that you should include sources that do not agree with your research assignment’s thesis statement, in order to demonstrate that you understand the variety of perspectives within this conversation. To advance your own thesis, your job will then be to reasonably refute these sources within your assignment.