Read This Passage Soon After Dinner His Father Would Go To Sleep In His Chair Hi

Read this passage:

Soon after dinner, his father would go to sleep in his chair; his mother and sister would urge each other to be quiet; his mother, bent deeply under the lamp, would sew fancy underwear for a fashion shop; his sister, who had taken a sales job, learned shorthand and French in the evenings so that she might be able to get a better position later on.

Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (David Wyllie, trans.)

What can you infer about Grete from this passage from The Metamorphosis?

A. That she is learning new skills and becoming more worldly and confident

B. That she is angry that Gregor has put the family in this position

C. That she dislikes having to eat dinner with Gregor watching

D. That she is happy to have something to help occupy her quiet time

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