Read The Scenario Use The Reference Material To Assist You In Determining What T

Read the scenario. Use the reference material to assist you in determining what tasks to select for your squad to support the critical tasks identified for the platoon.1. You are a member of Special Troop Battalion, 3d BCT, 10th Mountain Division. Your battalion will deploy to Iraq within six months. The battalion commander approved your units METL. The METL identifies critical tasks for each platoon and now it is time for squad leaders to select tasks to train that support the platoons critical tasks.2. The platoons critical tasks are as follows: a. Conduct unit operations. b. Guard detained prisoners of war. c. Treat casualties. d. Perform in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) environment. e. Implement combat survival techniques in area of operation.3. Use the class reference material to select the appropriate tasks for your squad to train that support the platoons critical tasks. Record your answers (title and task number) in the comment box.

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