Read The Linked Article And Using The Internet Find The Current Value Of Each In

Read the linked article and, using the internet, find the current value of each indicator.  

Top 10 Economic Indicators: What to Watch and Why (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。

Top Ten Economic Indicators Search Tips

Upon accessing each web site as indicated in the article, complete the following:

GDP – Select Data icon at the top, then by Topic.

M2 – Select Current Release menu selection towards top of screen, on left side and review. Scroll to bottom of screen and note the % change of M2 for 3,6 and 12 months

CPI – Select CPI News Releases on left, then HTML and review 12 month change

PPI – Select PPI News Releases on left, then HTML and review

CCS – as selected-review data.

CES – Select CES News Releases on left, then HTML and review. Also scroll down and review paragraph on average hourly earnings.

Retail Sales – View Advance Monthly Retail Trade Report and select PDF

Housing Starts – View New Residential Construction and select PDF and go to Housing Starts

Manufacturing –View Latest Monthly Reports, select PDF.

S&P 500 – Google S&P 500, select  S&P Index, select Year and view data for one year.

Access the assignment below and submit to me via Canvas by the due date.

Assignment 3 econ ind.docx

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