Read The Lines From The Poem Gawayne And The Green Knight A Fairy Tale Not So Si

Read the lines from the poem “Gawayne and the Green Knight: A Fairy Tale.” Not so Sir Gawayne. Vexed in mind he stood With downcast eyes, and knew not what he would. Trained in the school of chivalry to prize His honor as the light of his dear eyes, He held his life, his fortunes, everything, In sacred trust for knighthood and his king, And in the battle-field or tilting-yard He met his foe full-fronted, and struck hard. But now it seemed a foolish thing to throw One’s whole life to the fortune of a blow. True valor breathes not in the braggart vaunt; True honor takes no shame from idle taunt; So let this wizard, if he wants to, scoff; Why should our hero have his head cut off? Which response most clearly explains the use and impact of pacing in this part of the story?