Reaction E Nation Redox Or Non Redox 3cm 6naoh Q 5naci Gg Nac 03 G 3h20 L 002 (1)

which of these reactions, if any, display disproportionation? please explain

reaction e – nation redox or non-redox 3cm) + 6NaOH(§Q) —:5NaCI(gg) + NaC|03(§,g) + 3H20(l) 002(9) + H20“) —- H2C03(§Q) 2 Nt-héhgg) + Ca(OH)2(§Q) —»2 NHa(gg) + 2H20(I) + CaCl2(ag) madam) + mum) 92mm) +3 l2(s) + 4’Hzou) redo >L 4. Describe disproportlonatlon. Next. conslder the reactlons shown in Question 3and indicate if any of the reactions demonstrate disproportionation. Answer (2 Marks)VfiqmoorHopc-‘HDA is 0L Cmdfion ”rx which mSou“: €QQCWLS t3 bah ox‘tdrzflc“ wot rch’iQd.

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