Rac m6a1 | Criminal homework help

What role do you think gender-specific programming can play in the criminal justice system and for at-risk people? Here are some examples of programming that target girls, LGBT people, and boys:

PACE Center for Girls:


Larkin Street Stories: Youth Identity

https://www.samhsa.gov/homelessness-programs-resources/hpr-resources/larkin-street-stories-youth-identity (watch video)

Becoming a Man 

https://www.youth-guidance.org/bam-becoming-a-man/ (watch video)

Do you think programs like these are helpful? Tell me specifically why or why not and provide evidence for your thoughts. Can you find any more programs that are gender-specific? Include the link(s) in your assignment.

Assignments must be between 300-400 words, in a standard 12 pt font. APA style should be implemented for your citations.